John Enright

Selected Works

The Dominick Chronicles, Saga Two. An old house in the idyllic Hudson Valley, a new lover, a fresh life for Dominick—or will the faith-driven doom it all?
The Dominick Chronicles, Saga One. Dominick is a professional houseguest to the leisure class. This year he makes the mistake of wintering in New England and is sucked into his eccentric hosts' misadventures. Now the feds are searching for him. Or is it him?
Samoan Det. Sgt. Apelu Soifua must cross cultures to untangle drug smuggling and murder conspiracy.
Samoan Det. Apelu Soifua has to go into hiding to prove himself no murderer.
A clash between modern and mystical forces on a remote Samoan island leads to a grisly murder.
The closer Samoan Det. Apelu Soifua gets to solving the serial murders, the closer he gets to becoming the next victim.
A distillation of a poet's output during 26 years living in Samoa.

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